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Mosquito Detection and Prevention

Mosquitoes transmit diseases, including West Nile, Zika and dengue fever through their bites. Mosquito bites can not only be lethal to humans, they can also pass heartworm to dogs, which can be deadly. Although bug spray and frequent swatting can come in handy, there are more effective ways of combating mosquitoes.

Mosquito Bites

What is West Nile?

West Nile is spread through infected mosquitoes. One bite can cause symptoms like fever, vomiting, aches and a rash. In worse cases, it can lead to inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. Found most often in temperate and humid areas of the world. Symptoms usually occur 2 to 15 days after infection.

What is Zika?

Zika virus mostly spreads through the bite of infected Aedes species mosquitoes. First detected in 1947, it quickly spread through tropical Africa, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. In pregnant women, Zika virus can be dangerous if not prevented. The virus can cause severe birth defects, including brain damage.

How do you prevent infection?

Since the key to prevention is through protection, it’s important to avoid mosquitoes and the potential diseases they can carry. Mosquito Squad of Greater Jackson and Vicksburg offers several trusted mosquito control treatments of doing so. The barrier protection treatment instantly eliminates mosquitoes and other annoying pests on contact. It works for up to 21 days and when reapplied, can protect your yard all season long.

We also provide mosquito misting systems for those wanting continuous protection. By automatically releasing a spray two to four times a day, it instantly kills or repels the insects in all treated areas. If you prefer to avoid synthetics altogether, Mosquito Squad of Greater Jackson and Vicksburg offers an all-natural barrier protection spray. It eliminates pests on contact and repels them for up to 14 days. Call Mosquito Squad today at (601) 501-7273 to protect your family and pets from the danger of mosquitoes that invade your property.

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