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All Natural Protection for Your Family

Now that summer is here, you’ve probably noticed more and more mosquitoes in your yard. If you’re afraid these pesky insects will get in the way of you enjoying summer, you will be happy to know Mosquito Squad of Greater Jackson and Vicksburg has a solution for you.


All Natural Mosquito Control for Your Yard

Our traditional barrier protection is the most popular service we offer. However, for interested clients, we do have an all-natural option available.

The natural mosquito treatment we offer is made of essential oils, which works differently to prevent mosquitoes than our traditional barrier treatment. While our traditional mosquito spray eliminates mosquitoes on contact, our natural mosquito spray eliminates and then repels them. Adult mosquitoes ingest our traditional spray when they feed on treated plants. On the other hand, the organic spray repels the mosquitoes with its smell.

When we first apply the all-natural treatment to your yard, you will notice a botanical fragrance. However, within a few hours after application, you will not be able to notice the smell. Mosquitoes have a very acute sense of smell so they will still be able to smell the fragrance, keeping them away.

Since this mosquito treatment is all-natural, it breaks down faster than our traditional mosquito spray. Therefore, Mosquito Squad of Greater Jackson and Vicksburg recommends that the all-natural treatment is applied once every 14 days for those seeking continuous protection. The traditional treatment is applied once every 21 days. Both treatments are applied to areas where mosquitoes tend to harbor, feed, and breed.

Clients can expect to see as much as a 75% decrease in the population of mosquitoes on their property after the application of the all-natural spray. Our traditional spray can eliminate up to 90% of all mosquitoes.

If you have any questions about the mosquito prevention and protection solutions we offer, contact Mosquito Squad of Greater Jackson and Vicksburg today at 601-501-7273.

Summer Special
1/2 acre or less $355 for the summer

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